Physics and our “Awe”some Creator

We recently had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Mr. Andy Bos, one of our beloved science teachers.  This article contains excerpts of the interview.  The extended interview is available to view at   You’re encouraged to take some time to hear directly from a very formative #PeopleOfPacificChristianSchool.  🙂


I’ve been at PCs for 30 years.  It’s a big year, year #30!  Growing up in Medicine Hat, I didn’t attend a Christian school, as there wasn’t one at that time.  I remember my parents being very passionate about Christian education and helping send me and my brother to Dordt College, a Christian college in Iowa.  It was a real blessing to have their financial support and, upon graduating, I felt very convicted and challenged to work in a Christian school.  That’s been a blessing now for many years!

Today I’m still drawn to the ministry of Christian education and the area that I’m very passionate about, physics.  The creation points to a Creator and I wonder how you can teach science or physics without talking about the Creator of it all.  Besides, what other subject allows you to take your students over to Playland and enjoy a day on the rides?  It gives students the opportunity to experience the laws of physics and yes, they do make some calculations on that trip as well! J

My own three children have graduated from PCS and I’ve seen that it’s been a real blessing for them.  Over the years many things have changed and there continues to be challenges.  Christian education and equipping our students to live out our vision statement will go a long ways to make a difference in the world.

“Educational Excellence to the Glory of God” is always a good challenge.  I am very passionate about physics and I like to help my students come to understand how the principles of physics apply in their daily lives.  For example, many students are getting their driver’s license, so I talk about how physics applies.  As I like to say to my students, “everything happens for a reason, and it’s usually physics.” It’s a very practical subject in their daily lives.  Through this practicality, I love to have students come to see the Creator.  The creation is amazing, something I like to highlight in a variety of ways in all my courses.  Many of the equations that describe creation are actually quite simple and yet describe so much of the universe.  That helps students develop a sense of awe of the Creator.  One of my favorite quotes is “the laws of physics are the canvas God laid down on which to paint his masterpiece”.  I hope students can develop the sense of masterpiece and that God is ultimately the one whose fingerprints are seen all over creation.

I think teachers all play a small role in “raising up children”.   As a team of staff working together, we recognize that each student is on a journey, as we all are.  We have the opportunity to come alongside the students and enter into the journey with them.  Staff are able to encourage students, sometimes in devotions, sharing what’s on our heart, walking alongside in tough times and in times of celebration.  It happens inside and outside of the classroom.  I love helping with the Junior Boys’ Volleyball Team and getting to know the students in that different way.  You get to know their personality and it provides great opportunities to speak into their lives in a wide range of teachable moments.

Now that I’ve been at PCS for 30 years, I sometimes teach children of former students.  It seems a little weird, but it’s very special!  It’s great meeting with parents, having a good rapport and working together to support current students.  I don’t think I’m teaching any grandkids of former students yet!  Hopefully I’ll be retired by then. J

It’s been great to see the changes in the buildings at PCS, and recently the wonderful upgrades to the science labs.  Students are very keen with lab work and the facilities are really meeting our needs.  I’m looking forward to using the new set up as we continue using the labs.  Thank you to the community for the support to make the renovations happen.

It’s exciting to talk with PCS graduates.  It’s a blessing to chat with them and recognize that PCS was blessing to them.  I hope to see more alumni send their children to PCS.

Andy Bos.

January 15, 2016