Faithful Citizens

I have learned that I don’t have the wisdom or knowledge to concisely define what it means to be a faithful citizen in God’s world.  However, I do have enough wisdom and knowledge (just) to know it when I see it.  I see it a lot as a staff member at PCS.

I saw it when my wife was hospitalized prior to the birth of our twins and the entire PCS community, from students, to staff, to parents, supported us with prayer.

I saw it when some students who spent time with student support worker Jordan Czop, diagnosed with terminal cancer, came to me, nearly vibrating with excitement, to tell me they were going to put on a bake sale to raise money to help his family.

I see it when teachers, support staff, administrators, office staff and janitors all give of themselves to make PCS a place that is welcoming, loving, supportive and nurturing.

I see it when I talk with students who spend their free time organizing food drives, or collecting warm clothing for the homeless of Victoria.

I can’t define it, but I love it when I see it.

Tom Bingham
Secondary School Educational Assistant

February 11, 2016