Mexico Reflections

Over Spring Break, 32 Grade 12 students and 7 adult leaders travelled to Mexico to continue building the relationship that PCS began with the community in Las Aves over a decade ago. Over the years, we have constructed over 30 homes and one church. Most importantly, we have built relationships with the people who inhabit this place, and these relationships have altered the frameworks of our own hearts and minds.


Here are some excerpts from student reflections on this year’s trip:

Las Aves is the most beautiful place I’ve been in my life, which is saying a lot coming from a girl who grew up on the West Coast. It’s ridiculously colourful down there. Every building is a vibrant colour of green, orange, red, etc., set against the blue sky and golden dirt. It’s not just the town itself that makes it beautiful, it’s the people. All of the little kids who came to our site, desperately selling bracelets off a closet hanger, were beautiful. The congregation of the church that the November PCS trip build is beautiful. The kids outside our compound who waited for us to come home from the work site were beautiful. Their hearts were so open and welcoming to us.   Rachel

A highlight about my missions Mexico experience was how happy and positive everyone was and just the complete joy they brought to me and everyone. Getting to know the kids was a highlight for me, and the relationships that were built! Great experience overall!  Cassidy

Going on Missions Mexico was probably one of the biggest things that has impacted my life so far. I was humbled by the simplicity of the local people’s lives. They have no distractions like we have that take us away from each other. I never realized how much I’ve been been blessed with until I had to live without it while I was there. It really shows that you don’t need money or things to be happy. I think God revealed on this trip that the greatest gifts in life are people and the relationships we have with one another.  Anon.

At the last church service we attended, the pastor said something that stuck with me: Although we were leaving, a part of our hearts will stay there forever. And he was right. Coming home, I have realized that part of my heart is still with the people of Las Aves, still in the house we built, still with the kids who helped hammer and the kids who showed us how to be genuinely happy with life. I’ve also realized that I have a desire to keep helping in any way I can. The trip has ended, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop giving back.  Laura

The people I met in Mexico were filled with so much joy and happiness and it was a privilege to have blessed them with a house to call their own.  Anon.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity…I felt very assured knowing that PCS has had years of experience and involvement in this missions trip.  Justin

One of my favourite moments was attending the two local church services. It was so cool to experience church and worship in a different language, and to witness the strong, reliant faith of the community.  Anon.

A “God Moment” that I experienced was when I met Gabriella. My sister was on the trip four years ago, and Gabriella was her “little angel.” I had the opportunity to spend the whole week with Gabriella. I met her family, taught her some English words, took photos with her and, most of all, gave her too many “kapuchies” (piggy-back rides) to count! My sister and I now share this angel and, although she told me that we have impacted her life forever, little does she know that she has impacted our lives more.  Ashley


April 18, 2016