ShawMUN 2016

In case you haven’t heard, this past weekend saw the world came together at Shawnigan Lake School. Eleven determined Model UN delegates from PCS made the long and arduous journey over the Malahat to participate in Shawnigan Lake School Model United Nations 2016 (ShawMUN 2016 for those in the know).

During ShawMUN, well over 100 students (AKA delegates) engage in the complex tasks of diplomacy and consensus building.  Back room negotiations, Twitter battles, kidnapping, and insurgencies all contribute to making for a memorable Model UN experience.  Position papers, press releases and vigorous debate characterize the committee rooms, and the experience of delegates from near and far contribute to the vast range of ideas expressed.  You just never know what’s going to happen.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton made special appearances at ShawMUN and didn’t disappoint.  ISIS briefly took control of the Prairie Provinces but did not prevail against our home and native land.  The Syrian refugee crisis was debated and, in strange ways, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies combined with the TV show Lost to create a world full of uncertainty, danger, and possibility.

Three PCS delegates were recognized for their outstanding work on committees and all delegates contributed in many positive ways to make ShawMUN 2016 something we’ll all remember.  Well done delegates.

Many thanks to Shawnigan Lake School for hosting us and the Secretariat of ShawMUN 2016 for all their work.

April 18, 2016