Comings and Goings

On Monday May 2nd, secondary staff met with Grade 7 students for their first secondary school experience – Grade 8 Course Selection.  We welcomed the students, introduced them to some of their teachers and helped them navigate the process of selecting options for next year.

A little wide-eyed and a little unsure, students gradually settled as we introduced them to the options that are offered.

As I looked out at the group, I realized – as I do each year – that we would be gathering to say goodbye to these same students in a few short years.  It’s hard to picture this, as they still look so young and we still have so much to experience together.

Also on Monday, we met with some of this year’s Grade 12 students as they prepared to move from PCS to the University of Victoria.  Reps from the university welcomed the students, introduced them to post-secondary life, and helped them navigate the process of course selection. Hard to believe that only a few years ago, we welcomed many of these students to Grade 8.  As they gathered, many still looked a little wide eyed and a little unsure.  Some things stay the same.

These comings and goings punctuate our school life together.  We are privileged to share this part of the journey with you and your children, whether they are coming through the front doors of the secondary school as new students or going from this place as new graduates. Coming or going, God be with you.

Simon Tuffin

Secondary Counselor

May 3, 2016