Out of Chaos

Out of chaos, God brought order and beauty. To expand on that central idea from the Genesis account of Creation, Humanities 8 students spent an hour with Grade 2 students helping them artistically represent one aspect of the story. The cross-grade, cross-curricular activity followed two weeks of studying the Biblical Creation narrative, comparing it with international Creation stories, and discovering what they tell us about the different cultures.

After rewriting the Hebrew narrative for a younger audience, the older students read their versions to their Grade 2 buddies before asking how them what they envisioned for their art project. Students then chose from a variety of mediums, such as foil, paint, plasticine, and poster board, before setting to work to create unique representations of God’s handiwork.

The older students were proud and excited to be back in the elementary school as high schoolers, and the younger students were thrilled to have the attention of the big kids. For that hour, there was love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control evident. The activity surpassed the expectations of the teachers and realized the hopes we had for our students when we planned it. While the artwork produced was lovely, the personal connections made that day provided all involved with a beautiful picture of God’s kingdom on earth.

A big thank you to the Grade 2 teachers and support staff for working with us to create something beautiful in our school.

“It was very good.” Genesis 1:31

The Humanities 8 Team (Mr. Ruch, Mr. Rathburn, Mrs. Deringer)

October 18, 2016