Christmas Concert – I Went Twice

I don’t have any children – or even grandchildren – who performed in this year’s PCS Secondary Christmas Concert, so there wasn’t any personal reason compelling me to attend both evening performances. However, after attending on Tuesday night, I just had to come back for seconds.  Here’s why:

Not only do I love Christmas music, but also, I love high school students and the enthusiasm with which many of them approach the things they love to do. Performing Arts at PCS seem to bring this out in so many of them. Four boys who have the courage to sing in a quartet; six girls who, in song, reflect what it felt like to be the mother of the Son of God; instrumentalists who take the notes off the page and morph them into beautiful melodies; actors who courageously wrestle with what Christmas is really all about.

Our students are “into it.”  Into music, into Christmas, into their faith, into putting it out there for the community: “Let the bells ring out!”  After decades of being at PCS, I never, ever get too much of that.

Yes, of course I went twice.

December 8, 2016