Reflections from a Bible 9 Teacher

I had the privilege of teaching Bible 9 for the for the first time this semester.  To say that I enjoyed it would be a great understatement.  During our time together, my classroom became a wonderful place of prayer and learning. As we reviewed the Old Testament story and explored the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, “holy ground” became evident. I would describe my students’ approach to the scriptures as one of playful curiosity, coupled with a willingness to wonder at who God is in the person of Jesus Christ.

Our Gospel study included a look at the parables of Jesus. This unit included an overview of the various parables, along with deeper study that included commentaries, discussions, and illustrated presentations. The interest and fervour with which the students approached this assignment was inspiring and was so evident during their presentations.  I dare say that there are a few potential preachers amongst the students in this grade 9 class!

I was especially impacted by the willingness that students demonstrated to not only share their prayer requests with one another, but also to pray for one another during our class devotion times. The care and sensitivity they exhibited was nothing less than a demonstration of God’s love for each one!  To be included in such a community of holy care was a truly an honour.

Submitted by: Ms Suderman, Secondary counselor

February 15, 2017