Meet Darren Lewis – the new PCS Superintendent

Whitecaps Lover – going back to being a season ticket holder in the days when they played in the NASL at Empire Stadium in Vancouver. Darren is a passionate (if not sometimes frustrated – “seriously they need to spend the Davis money on another quality striker… or a defender…”) Whitecaps fan.

Photographer –  we asked him for a few pictures of himself and he found it hard to find one where he wasn’t either taking pictures or didn’t at least have a camera around his neck. He asks that we forgive his occasional tendency to show off his latest shots.

Gardener – he’s finding this a bit more challenging in his hew town-home but pulling weeds (he emphasizes his own) and listening to the birds is his idea of paradise.

Tell Us More

I was born in Vancouver, but grew up all over the place. By the time I was a teenager our family had lived in: Victoria, Richmond, Ottawa, New York, Toronto, and then back to Vancouver. Our current move to Victoria was from Kelowna – certainly two of the loveliest places on earth.

After graduating with a B.A., I felt called to the Pastorate and while I did most of my studies at Regent College in Vancouver I completed my M.Div. at Edmonton Baptist Seminary where I was offered a position at a Baptist church. This is where I met Elaine my lovely wife and where our lovely daughter Meghan was born (she currently lives in Vancouver).

Feeling a nudge to move on I accepted a position with the CIBC in commercial Banking for a number of years ending that in Kelowna when I decided to go into education.

I taught in a number of schools first in the public system and then moving into administration at Kelowna Christian School. Over my years in leadership at KCS (especially after I became Head of School) I feel like my legacy was that I created a strong sense of community among staff, students and our families. Consistently we sought to make the school a place where everyone experienced God’s shalom. As we built a God-honouring culture, the school was really blessed in so many ways including significant growth.

Why do you feel this position is important?

Pacific Christian has had a long history of being a light on the hill. The heart of what we do is to provide an education and our vision is “Educational Excellence to the Glory of God”. My conversations with our staff, Board Members and others have left me excited about the future of PCS. I feel like I’m entering a community that is living out the vision and seeking ways to continue to be excellent and to improve as we journey together.

What do you look forward to doing at PCS?

The first thing is getting to know people! We have over a hundred staff who were here a week before school started and really, I’ve only just begun that. I’m looking forward over the coming weeks of getting to know students and creating some intentional opportunities to meet parents and others in our community.

I also look forward to conversations. I love education and in particular Christian education. I look forward to engaging folk in what that means for us at PCS here and know. We’re privileged as a school to have an amazing staff and I’ve had some great conversations already, I look forward to seeing that circle widen with students, parents and others.

As a Christ follower, I’m super excited about exploring ways we can continue to connect our students and really our entire family with God’s story and for them to seek ways to enter into that story.

September 5, 2018