About “YourPCS”

Welcome to YOUR PCS. Through this blog, we hope to paint a picture of life at PCS. When students start at the Primary school, all important communication about school life is carried out directly with parents. As kids grow up, there is a shift towards communicating more directly with, and through, the students themselves. While this makes sense in terms of the development of ability and responsibility, it can sometimes leave parents feeling a bit in the dark about what is happening at school – especially if your teenager goes through the single-syllable communication stage. Report cards and parent-teacher conferences may convey the academic side, but we all know that there is more to school than classes!

Any Art student can describe the elements and principles of design – things like shape, direction, colour, texture, balance, repetition and harmony. Oh, and also repetition. As we build this blog, we’ll be keeping these in mind because, as we said, our aim is to paint a picture of life at PCS.

Some posts will touch on the shape and direction of Christian education at PCS: what is happening in and out-of class to nurture students in Christlike living, critical thinking and joyful service? How do we see students growing to be faithful citizens? In what ways is professional development shaping the practice of the staff?

Other posts will consider the colour and texture of the school community. We are a diverse place, made up of families from nearly 100 local churches from a breadth of Christian denominations. Our students have an amazing range of gifts and interests and come from many nations, including Canada’s First Nations. There is a lot we can learn from one another as we honour each other as members of the body of Christ.

We’ll try to be balanced in our posts and to give some airtime to each of the aspects of school life. But, if you think we’re missing something, please drop us a line and we’d be happy to highlight your interest. As it all comes together over time, we believe that what will emerge will be a harmonious picture of the many things that contribute to Educational Excellence to the Glory of God at PCS.

Ultimately, a painting – no matter how beautiful – is still just a 2-D representation, and each person’s perspective and experiences will impact what stands out to them. Likewise, we recognize that there will be limitations and variations in our ability to represent school life through this blog. So, please be patient and bear with us. Overall, we hope that the picture of PCS that is painted through this blog will be a good representation of Your PCS.